All decorative stones are suitable for garden areas, driveways and landscaping uses. The size you choose is a matter of personal preference. Some guidelines for gravel and stone sizes and their most common uses are given below to assist you in choosing a type of gravel/stone.

Any areas that will be walked and driven on including gravel drives, pathways and seating areas, the best size option is 10-16 mm. If a smaller size is preferred a 6-10mm gravel is available, however, this can get stuck in shoes and tyres which is why the bigger size may be preferable.

Garden bed covering, any product size can be used from grit 3-6 mm up to cobble  sized150 mm+. Please refer to our decorative pebble in product section to view the different options available.

Samples can be supplied on request. Courier charges may apply if samples cannot  be collected.