Dried Products

Dried sand and grit

A range of dried sand products are available in many different grades for multiple uses. Our dried silica sands are ideal for use in brick manufacture, concrete and stone repair and in the manufacture of flooring and adhesive products.Dried sand can be also used for finishing narrow joints between patio slabs or block paving, it is ideal for keeping the structure of the paving rigid and preventing the block paving from moving or coming loose.

Resin Bond products

We have been producing Resin Bond surface products for the Irish and UK markets for over 15 years. Decorative gravels and sands are available dried and suitable to be combined with a specialised resin which can be used in large scale commercial or smaller scale domestic projects for a great clean finish. Our beautiful natural mixed colour beach pebble with browns, greys and golds gives a brown/bronze surface colour. The mineral content of the material means it is very durable and a very hardwearing surface. This dried material is available in a range of sizes;

1- 3 mm

2-5 mm

6-10 mm

Filtration products

We produce sands and gravels for water filtration both in Ireland and in the UK.