Equestrian sand

Silica sand is a term used in equestrian circles which is often poorly understood by many people wishing to install an arena or gallop. The higher the silica content of sand the more durable and hardwearing it is which is mainly due to its quartz content, Inish Pebbles' sand is predominantly quartz which enables the sand to withstand heavy use and wear over a long period of time. The grain shape and size also has a major influence on the performance of an arena or gallop. Our sand is classed as sub anglar to rounded grain shape which enables the particles to tie together to create a reasonably firm surface and enables moisture to pass through. Our sand processing unit has the ability to achieve very fine grades which we have found over the years to be more suitable to equestrian work. Inish Pebble Company has years of experience producing the optimum sand for your gallop or arena. All grades of equestrian sand produced and supplied to stables nationwide.

Silica sand grades available;



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